Sunday, February 6, 2011

To Find Greatness..... Start at one!!!!!!

Ur life is as great as U make it... no one can make it great for u nor should any one person be able to break it for u either... so to me that means if I'm not great I need to evaluate what step I missed or where did I go wrong in life... it's always a good time to evaluate urself other than ur circle... u may find ur greatness when u do....
all I kno is U should change Urself to b molded for greatness in whatever U do in life.
Rather U make it or break it will b all up to u..... stop trying to change ppl and except them for who they r...face the fact that this is who the person really is and except them for who they are or move the hell on....dont hold on to Ppl u really don't like or want to b around unless u can except them for who they are and deal with the good times as well as the BS they may
bring to ur friendship.

U can only be accountable for u... so that is where the changes should start and continue... Remember one person can't change the world but u can start with one person and that one is u... if we all start with one then we will all see change within us all.

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