Sunday, February 6, 2011

Being Bound by Love is long as you also have a Key!!!!!!

How do you walk out when you a paralyzed?
How do you walk away when leaving has 5never been an option?
How do you go on when staying is all you know?
How do you cut it off when the switch is stuck in the on position?
How do you find you when when ur lost in him?
How do i not drown in the Sea i created when I don't know how to swim?

I ask all of these questions because life has alot of twists and turn.  Alot of
the time we create those twist and turns for ourselves.  We create these situations and problems
but never stopping long enough to create the methods to come out of these situations or methods
 to deal thru these problems that we create.

No one person can do more to u than u let them do to you, but yet we always ask "why are they doing me this way?" well, its because in a way ur letting them do it.

For what ever ur reason.... u r allowing the situation to swallow u up without a plan to come out.

We allow ourselves to become consumed with the problems till we lose ourselves within the problem.

We get so caught up, we never learn how to....walk, leave, flip the switch, see, deal or swim.

If we learn ourselves better before we focus so much on learning other people then the instructions will manifest its self when the time come for them to be put into play. 

Being bounded by any love can be wonderful as long as both of you hold a key to the lock that bounds you.

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