Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dammit Man..... I didn't ask for that lie!!!!!

Have you ever had that friend you love to hate?

Can be male or female.... that friend you love to death when and ONLY when they are being themselves. But on the other had you hate to see them coming when they come with all that fakeassness.

We have all seen it, you start a convo (a crazy convo just to see if they take the bait and of course they dive right in) everything you say happen to you or you did in the convo they did it to or it happened to them... like" (u say) " hey girl I am so glad they could find my foot and put it back on when i was 10." and in stead of them just hearing your vent or story they come back with " Damn you to... I lost mine at age 2 when i was dancing on the stage at my audition for this show...but I'm good now they attached it and u can barely tell it was completely off... glad i still got that part!" and ur standing there looking at them like "nicca plz thats why I avoid ya ass now!" its crazy, like is ur lies running that freely in ur head till they just glide out cha mouth with you not knowing u bout to tella big ass unsolicited lie?

Why ppl.... if I am already your friend then you dont have to be someone else i must like you for who u r, and not for who u and them voices in ur head think you are. We need to start calling people out on there "BS" , Put the lies on blast maybe then they will stop the fakeassness really quickly. Stop telling ppl (especially ppl that know you already) that you have or hav had (so it can't b verfied) 20 degrees, 4 cars, 2truck, a modeling career overseas, opened for diddy and dem, has 3 houses and 5condos all in ur name and u have ish to show for it... not a pot to piss in not a window to throw it out of and u just 26 years old. Just be you and if your not excepted by 1 or 2 ppl then there is another 3 to 4 ppl out there that will.

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